Property Management

We excel in property management, leveraging our expertise to seamlessly oversee the operation, maintenance, and tenant relations of commercial properties. 

Marketing Vacant Properties and Finding New Tenants

  • Advertise vacancies, show rental spaces to prospective tenants, process rental applications, and run background checks

Collecting Rent and Fees

  • Send out rent statements, collect monthly or annual rental payments and fees from tenants, issue receipts, and pursue late or delinquent accounts

Maintaining Property Condition

  • Regularly inspect properties to identify maintenance issues or repairs needed. Coordinate repairs by hiring and overseeing contractors and maintenance personnel.

Responding to Tenant Requests and Issues

  • Act as a point of contact for tenants to report complaints, maintenance requests, or issues with neighbors. Address and resolve tenant requests in a timely manner.

Managing Finances and Expenses

  • Develop property budgets, approve and pay bills and expenses, manage operating and reserve capital accounts, collect income, and maintain financial records using property management accounting software.

Overseeing Contractors and Staff

  • For larger properties, supervise building managers, maintenance staff, cleaners, security personnel, handymen, landscapers, etc. Monitor performance, schedule tasks, and handle payroll.

Compliance with Regulations

  • Ensure properties comply with all relevant state and local property, health, safety, and building codes through regular inspections.