Tenant Representation

We are your trusted partner in real estate, providing comprehensive research, analysis, transaction and portfolio management.

Market Research

  • Gather and analyze data on office rental rates, vacancy rates, absorption, and inventory across various submarkets to pinpoint optimal locations.
  • Research amenities, parking, and transit access for specific buildings to align with tenant requirements.
  • Develop comparable lease analyses to establish market asking rents and concession packages.
  • Evaluate Landlords and Developers qualitatively, considering factors like experience, quality, financial stability, construction, and property management.

Financial Analysis

  • Generate pro forma estimates for different spaces, incorporating Tenant Improvements (TIs), operating expenses, rent ratios, etc.
  • Model multi-year cash flows of total occupancy costs to compare the overall cost across all considered spaces.
  • Conduct Net Present Value (NPV) analysis on multi-year cash flow projections to quantitatively compare all considered spaces.

Transaction Management

  • Formulate an optimized negotiation strategy based on tenant priorities and current market conditions (both microlevel and macrolevel).
  • Prepare negotiation materials, including lease abstracts, proposals, and comparison exhibits.
  • Actively negotiate lease documentation, collaborating with attorneys as needed.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

  • Provide regular market updates and monitor triggers for changes in business plans, facilitating decisions on renewals, expansions, or relocations.
  • Effectively manage documentation and data, including rents, escalations, payments, and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations.
  • Offer advice on optimal exit strategies and relocation options at the end of the lease term.