Western New York Invests in Solar Energy

HUNT Commercial would like to thank Montante Group for hosting us at their River Road 200+ acre Riverview Solar Technology Park (RSTP) and taking time to discuss their unique role in WNY as the only development firm with expertise in Commercial Solar Installation, Construction and Real Estate Development.

Montante Solar’s commercial solar installation business reduces a businesses’ carbon footprint while providing an excellent return on investment. An example of the groundbreaking work Monante Solar has done in WNY includes a project developed in partnership with D & S Capital, a real estate investment firm located at Waterfront Village in Buffalo. Montante Solar was hired to develop a solar project concept to power tenant operations.  The final project, located only steps away from Erie Basin Marina converted an open roof into an onsite power generating facility.

Building tenants can now brag that their operations are powered from a renewable energy source, while D & S Capital benefits by monetizing the value of the solar electricity.  Montante Solar collaborated with D & S Capital to establish a project structure that not only optimized the incentive and tax benefits, but also worked efficiently with the existing tenant leases.  D & S Capital President, Dr. Fadi Dagher shared, “Since making this significant investment, we have realized benefits in our overall marketability to existing and new tenants, raised our company profile and given our employees and tenants something to be proud of.”

Donna L. Kostrzewski, Director of Leasing at TM Montante Development also shared some facts and fiction about solar energy:

Fiction: Solar doesn’t work well in WNY.
Fact: Solar works great in WNY! Panels are actually at their most efficient point when its sunny but not blazing hot. This makes WNY’s spring, summer, and fall seasons optimal for solar.

Fiction: Solar is too expensive.
Fact:  Solar prices have dropped dramatically over the past few years and the typical ROI on a commercial solar project is 5-7 years.

Fiction: I can’t do solar because my roof isn’t compatible.
Fact: In WNY you can utilize remote net metering and build a solar array off-site for your business.

Fiction: The technology is too new
Fact: The modern solar array technology has been in deployment for nearly 50 years with increases in efficiency growing expedentially.  The typical array is warranted for 25 years but can produce energy well beyond that time frame.

Fiction: You can’t do solar on a Brownfield.
Fact: Solar is eligible for the tangible assets Brownfield tax credits.

For more information on becoming a solar hero visit Montante Solar online. http://www.montantesolar.com/