Recent Deals: November/December 2020

3719 Union Road Cheektowaga, NY Leased

Burt & Bean Sports LLC. has started a 3-year lease at 3719 Union Road in Cheektowaga. They will use the 1,965 sq. ft. for their Dog training business. HUNT Commercial Sales Professional Matthew Paul represented the Burt & Bean LLC. in this transaction, and said, “My client is a great pet trainer and now has a location in Cheektowaga, centrally located and very close to the 90 and 33. Not only is there a storefront he is still working mobily as well.”

2050 Lockport Road Niagara Falls, NY Leased

5,000 sq. ft. of warehouse spaces has been leased by Aavid Niagara/NiagaraThermal at 2050 Lockport Road in Niagara Falls, NY. This property was listed by HUNT Commercial Sales Professional Christina Pecoraro, who also represented Aavid. Aavid who will be using the space for warehouse storage. Christina Pecoraro had this to say about the transaction, “Aavid Niagara/Niagara Thermal is a 5 star local company that has various locations and has been in business over 90 years.”